Ivanchuk Levko
Computer Scientist

31 Iryny Vilde Street,
Lviv, Ukraine

Phone: +38-093-669-10-13
Email: levko [at]

I am a computer scientist, currently working on human tracking systems and multi-modal interaction systems. My previous experience includes work on optical head-mounted transparent displays (OHMTD), distributed user interfaces, usability testing, data visualization and medium - high level prototyping. I have also conducted various experiments in the field of human-computer interaction.

I was born in Ukraine and received my bachelor in Computer Science (Honours) Co-op at the University of Manitoba. I also hold a minor in History, specializing in the History of Asia. 

As part of my Co-op program, I was an intern at IdersU of Manitoba HCI Lab and Honda Research Institute, Japan.

At Iders, I was part of the team developing an Information Management System (IMS) used to consolidate all information required for the company to function. 

My work at University of Manitoba HCI Lab is still ongoing, but I was mostly involved with the SmartColor project for OHMTD

During my internship at Honda Research Institute, I explored real time tracking of multiple human modalities using multiple sensors. I created several interface prototypes that could make use of these modalities to provide more immersive user experience. 

After graduation, I am continuing my work at Honda Research Institute, further developing multi modal systems.