Misunderstanding / by Levko Ivanchuk


                   World is changing. It is no secret to anyone that things should not remain the same. In a wild mix of what is deemed 'traditional' and 'modern', sometimes people seem to struggle to find a 'sweet spot' between the two. 

For quite a while I've been indirectly taking part, but more like observing, a situation where the worlds of 'tradition' and 'modernity' clash together. Misunderstandings happen, stubbornness kicks in, people take sides, the whole thing then gets called 'an argument' and can last for quite a while, sometimes months, taking with it tears, stress, nights and even days ... 

The way I see it, but I might be wrong, is that the most precious thing we have in life is, quite simply, time.

Perhaps, in the modern world, we should re-think that it means to value our time. Perhaps, we should forget about things that limit us on our way to what we want to do with our time, since in this modern world there are way more things to do - yet, the amount of time is still the same, or if I was to put it in other words, undefined

Should we be afraid to take risks? We should not - yet, we should be smart about them. 

Should we be afraid to travel? We should not - yet, we should be smart about our endeavours. 

Should we be afraid to do what we want to do, right here, right now? We should not - yet, once again, we should be smart about what we do. 

In fact, logic is quite simple, at least to me - there is your limited time and there are things you want to do with your life. Should you waste your time sticking to the old values that may limit you on your way to your wishes and beliefs, or just go for it as quickly as possible? 

Trust me when I say that it feels great when people tell you you're doing something incredible and/or extraordinary. 

Let's avoid misunderstandings and give our time a more productive use. Do what you want to do. Modern world gives you an easier access to do amazing things that will make you say 'Wow, I just did that. Incredible'. 

There are not limits and everything is allowed. You are only limited by your time.